Barnabas Ministry is not fee base, but rather is dependent on the faithful support of donors who have a burden to make pastors and churches stronger.

When you give to Barnabas Ministries you are giving to support the following:

  • Pastor Dave Andersen
  • Dee Sochacki
  • Pastor Doug Schmidt
  • General Operational Costs

“Who shepherds the shepherds? With the increasing pressures of leading the church of Jesus in our darkening world, Barnabas Ministries steps into the opportunity to mentor and empower pastors and spouses toward a more sustained and flourishing ministry. Both Doug and Dave are personal friends and I have long admired their long and fruitful Ministries. I’m delighted to think that they will pour their influence, groomed over decades, into the lives and hearts of emerging leaders”.  – Joe Stowell

If you would like to send gifts, please send to:  P.O. Box 433 Clarkston, MI 48347

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